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About ECSG

ECSG Inc. was founded in January, 2000 by a group of developers, architects and business analysts who had a strong background in information systems, telecom billing and auditing and enterprise software development. The majority of the collective experience was, at the time, derived from designing, developing and supporting a billing, customer acquisition & maintenance and invoicing system for a Greensboro, NC-based wireless telephony carrier. The billing system was at the time highly regarded in the industry and earned a patent for the parallel architecture used in the Billing and Invoicing components. After being acquired by a larger wireless carrier in 1998, the billing system was discarded in favor of the preferred solution from a third-party provider in use by the larger carrier. This event created an opportunity for the core ECSG development team to utilize their collective expertise for creative entrepreneurial purposes.

ECSG Inc. provides software solutions to telecommunications companies (including ILEC, CLEC and IXC) as well as medium to large enterprises.  Specifically, the flagship product, CAT, assists such companies in managing and understanding their access network, resale and other underlying costs.

Our employee makeup lends itself towards an expertise in information systems. To that end, there is a large degree of experience in relational databases, database design and management and the presentation of, and access to, data by the end user. The ECSG Inc. team has experience in building ground-up information systems for a wide variety of business applications.

ECSG Inc. deploys an object-oriented approach to software solutions with a focus on building reusable, scalable components. In each project, ECSG Inc. strives to build an appropriate model of the vertical business market segment to which the software solution will be applied.

ECSG Inc. has software language implementation experience in a wide range of hardware, operating system environments and development tools. These environments and languages include Sun/Solaris, HP/HPUX, Linux, Microsoft Windows workstation and , C++, Sun's java platform, Perl, HTML, XML, CORBA, RMI/EJB. Specific experience with enterprise-level RDBMS solutions include Oracle, Microsoft's SQL Server and IBM's DB2.

The team has a vast amount of experience with data systems. With proven experience in designing and implementing data models that are flexible, accessible and scalable, ECSG Inc. is confident in its ability to build sturdy, highly scalable, highly usable applications that are based around the information key to the business model.