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ECSG, Inc. is committed to helping you reach your goals. We are confident our experience and expertise can help you get there. Whether you need help managing your telecommunications expenses, building software or just need some sound objective advice and support, we can help you.

  • Audit Services

  • Utilizing the amazing power of our CAT software in combination with decades of telecommunications experience we are able to offer a full range of consulting services.
  • Project Outsourcing

    ECSG provides complete project outsourcing for enterprises of all sizes. From requirements gathering to installation and support, ECSG provides superior product development services. Whether the project is a new system, an addition for an existing system or a system rewrite, ECSG provides all aspects of project development including project management and milestone tracking.

  • Consulting

    ECSG offers a full range of consulting services for your enterprise. Whether you need requirements analysis, data model analysis, system performance tuning, Object-Oriented system design, system testing or support, ECSG can meet your targeted needs.