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Outsourced Audits

If you do not currently have an audit team in place then we can do it all for you. We'll arrange to get your invoices and start saving you money today.

  • ECSG can audit your vendor agreements and invoices for you.
  • We will review your vendor agreements to ensure that you are taking full advantage of the best pricing available.
  • We will review you invoices to ensure that you are paying only for charges that are appropriate.
  • We will manage the dispute process with each vendor and aggressively pursue resolution in your favor.
  • We will provide you with any custom reports, electronic data and access to our audit data that you require.
  • We can integrate our systems with yours.
  • We can import data from your network element repository such as circuits and resale telephone accounts.
  • We can integrate to your Accounts Payable system to make vendor payments seamless.