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Software Services

If you already have an audit team in place our Cost Audit Tool (CAT) can greatly improve your productivity.  We can deploy our CAT software and assist you in configuring it and getting it integrated into your software environment. Even if you only need certain portions of CAT (such as electronic invoice loading or facility repository functionality) we can deliver and customize whatever portions of CAT you need.

  • CAT can be customized in any way to meet your individualized needs.  CAT can be integrated to your network element repository, billing and AP systems.
  • If you do not have a network element repository CAT has a streamlined version to get you started.
  • CAT holds agreement information from tariffs, interconnects and special contracts.
  • CAT will help automate the dispute process by automatically disputing errors from your set of audit rules and help your auditors track disputed amounts to resolution.
  • CAT will also load electronic invoice forms from vendors that supply them such as CABS and SECABS.
  • Invoice amounts can be automatically coded to your general ledger accounts and downloaded directly to you’re A/P system.