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Agreement Manager

The Cost Audit Tool's Agreement Management System provides the ability manage Tariff, Interconnect, ICB and other custom agreements.

Having complete control over how your agreement rates are categorized and represented is key to understanding and controlling your cost.  The Agreement manager allows you to take control of your rate inventory.

  • Amend rates so that both the amended rate and the original contracted rate are recorded and used appropriated for time-sensitive audits
  • Auto-load certain IXC rates from spreadsheets using custom mapping tools
  • Record rates for facilities, resale accounts, switched usage, ixc usage, ANY telecom expense.
  • Record rates at state, jurisdictional and universal level
  • Record rates for FCC relief , density zones, price flex bands, MSA, etc.
  • Record cost-effecting jurisdictional factors such as PIU, PLE, PIUE, etc.
  • Record USOC rates

The Agreement Manager allows you to group rates into pricing packages for easy assignment to facilities or resale accounts.  This feature allows you to set up rate packages for facilities and resale accounts that are ordered in similar fashions and have identical feature pricing from the vendor - saving you time when assigning the appropriate rates to the ordered facility or resale account.

The CAT Agreement Maintenance Screen

CAT's easy to use Agreement Manager allows you to make entry and changes to your agreements rates as well as make notes at the agreement and service type level.