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Facility Management
Resale Account Mgmt

Inventory Tools

Whether you need a full inventory management system or integration into your current system(s), CAT's Inventory management tools can assist you in getting the most our of your inventory information.

The CAT system has two primary inventory tools, one for Facilities (Circuits, rings, ports, etc) and another for Resale Accounts (UNE-P accounts, Resale "Q" accounts, etc.).  Each is integral and vital to the automated auditing functions of the CAT system.

The Inventory management tools can be used stand-alone via the GUI provided or can by customized to integrate and synchronize with your existing inventory system(s).  Integration is only necessary in the event you purchase the CAT auditing functionality and wish to use a separate system as the system of record for your inventory needs.

If you have no inventory tools, CAT's tools can be an excellent starting point for you and assists you in beginning to get a handle on your network assets and liabilities.  CAT's easy to use interface allows you to record each circuit or account you order as well as ASR/LSR information and much more.

When combined with the Agreement Management tools, information about feature cost can be recorded for each inventory item.  Need to know how much a circuit should cost?  Here is where you can record it.  Each of the Inventory management tools integrates seamlessly with the Agreement management system and records the full life-cycle for each inventory item from ordering to disconnection including a history of MRC and NRC rates.