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Load Invoices

Either as a stand-alone utility or as one of many modules within the CAT application, the CAT Invoice Loader is a powerful tool that allows you to automatically load a variety of electronic invoice formats into a relational database.

The Invoice Loader is normally deployed as a part of the CAT system and is the entry point for the bulk of the invoice data to be audited.  When used as a part of the CAT system a great number of powerful automation features are enabled.

If you have you own auditing tools and procedures it is extremely easy and non-invasive to integrated the CAT Invoice Loader processing into your existing business processes.  After the electronic invoice data is processed and loaded the data is readily available for use via a number of access mechanisms - depending on the relational database you choose.  For example, by using ODBC any number of database access and reporting clients can be used access and process the data that has been loaded.  Such tools include Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports and Business objects.  Virtually any tools you use today can leverage the invoice data stored in the database.

No matter if you license the Invoice Loader independently or as a part of the CAT system, the Invoice Loader is kept up to date with the latest changes to industry standard electronic forms.

  • CAT is configured to read and load BOS CABS - the industry standard electronic invoice format.  The standards are maintained and published by Telcordia Technologies (www.telcordia.com)
  • CAT is configured to process SECABS - a standard format for small carriers such as CLEC's
  • Both formats are managed by ATIS (www.atis.org/)

The Invoice Loader's robust, flexible mapping rules allow an administrator to configure the system to load virtually any electronic invoice data - as long as it has a consistent electronic form description.  In some cases, such as in the case of BellSouth's DAB system (a BS proprietary tool to transmit invoices to you for your CLUB resale accounts), the Invoice Loader must do some additional preprocessing to handle report output from a proprietary system to out it in a normal form in order to be loaded.

Normally ECSG will deliver invoice changes to industry standard formats as they are enforced.  However, you may have an administrator who chooses to manage you format mappings.  In that cast the Invoice Loader offers a user-friendly interface which allows an administrator to easily record data file format changes and upgrades.

License-Dependent feature Comparison

 With CAT
Load BellSouth DAB
Provide Format Updates
GUI Format Maintenace
Apply GL Codes  
Process Audit Rules