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Automated Auditing

The Cost Audit Tool provides the flexibility to automatically and manually audit invoices and create disputes if necessary. If the CAT Circuit Repository and CAT Agreement Repository are utilized then CAT can accurately generate a wide variety of standard and customized disputes using the expected charge information from the repositories. CAT can even generate Accruals at the line-item level.
  • A set of tunable standard audit rules is provided to audit a variety of charges for a variety of common problems.  Some of the tunable qualities include:
    • Thresholds based on percentage
    • Thresholds based on dollar amounts
    • Default automated comments for Disputes
    • Default automated Reason Types
    • Default comment for each Dispute creates using the rule
  • Disputes and Accruals can be associated directly to invoice detail items, and can be broken down into several Reasons to allow disputing one detail item for multiple Reasons.
  • In some cases this means that disputes can be generated at the Jurisdictional charge level per USOC.
  • Comments can also be associated to disputes for any extra information that might be worth holding on to.  Users can modify the default comment for each of the automated audit rules.  CAT's Dispute Manager can be used to manage the dispute resolution process.
  • Audit Based on Jurisdictional Factors. Store jurisdictional factors such as PIU, PLU, PLF, and PIUE in the CAT Reference and Agreement repositories. CAT will utilize the jurisdictional factors logged in the repository to determine the appropriate expected jurisdictional cost and generate disputes or accruals accordingly.
  • CAT can audit based on BIP factors, ratchet factors, Price Flex Bands, Price CAP and various other factors that can impact the appropriate rate for recurring charges.
  • If invoice details are loaded from electronic form and there are dispute resolutions with the appropriate audit numbers, CAT can automatically resolve open disputes from prior invoices based on the new adjustment and audit number information.